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Coming Soon to Mailboxes Near You – Shed Your Helmet


The time is almost upon us! Soon we shall be able to unleash the wild beast we have created upon the world. 

It’s called Shed Your Helmet and it’s definitely a monster for such a little record.  We’re very proud of it.

Over this winter our little beast has      consumed us – our time, our energy, our  souls. But on May 22nd we will finally be  able to pass our unruly creation off to you,  and be freed of it’s menacing grip.

No, wait. I mean, we will finally be able to bestow our wonderful happy-yay-fun record upon your gentle and deserving spirit.

And if you are one of the especially gentle and deserving spirits who helped us make it through contributing to our crowd-funding campaign last summer, well, you shall be rewarded with your copy of the delightful monster even sooner! Sometime in early or mid May (we have to keep it mysterious, after all) Shed Your Helmet will be making its way to a mailbox near you with your name on it. Hopefully your mailbox, that would certainly make things simpler.

But if you didn’t contribute, alas, mark the fated date of May XXII as the opportunity to make amends for your folly, and keep your watch for more details and teasers and all the one-hundred and one ways we’re going to make you crave your very own Shed Your Helmet EP.

Cause it’s coming. And its a beast. Sorta like the sphinx or something, only made of sound.

Yours truly,


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