July 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

Crowding our way to the Shed Your Helmet EP

Its official –¬†we’ve launched the Shed Your Helmet EP crowd-funding campaign!

We’ve got some killer tunes for this record but we really need help to get it done. Instead of waiting for some businessman to scout us out for a label or siphoning off the pay from gigs for the next six months we’ve decided to just go ahead and ask you (and your friends and grandparents) to give us a hand with it. For a $10 contribution you get the EP when is finished this fall. For more you get – you guessed it – more!

Check out the campaign page for more info and to watch our goofy video. If you have any questions, other things you’d like to see as perks or comments please feel free to shoot ‘em along!

We are stoked to get this going and even more so to be doing it with our fans on board. The bigger and closer camp Von Rex gets the better it sounds!

– Riishi

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