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Welcome to the Von Rex Website!

Greetings from Camp Von Rex!

Since Michel and I joined forces in 2012 we’ve been keeping very busy – so busy it took us over a year to get this website together, but here it is at last! We’ve been thrilled and fueled by all the support you folks have given us this past year and we’ve got some gargantuan plans for this next one that have us pretty excited. This is a long letter home, but we want you to know what we’ve been up to and what we’re doing next, cause we think it might excite you too!

We played some amazing shows in 2013, from the Ottawa Bluesfest to our first gig in Toronto at the Cameron House. It was a riot opening for wicked bands like The Mahones and The Walkervilles and an equally awesome time headlining shows at Irene’s Pub, The Rainbow and The Lunenburg Pub. We even had a puppet come out to one of our gigs – he did get a little unruly, but we kinda like it when our fans are unruly. Since we’re keeping a list I may as well tell you, we’ve done 16 shows together since our first performance as a duo in February 2013!┬áBy the end of 2014 that number will have climbed pretty high – so keep watch on our shows page and Facebook for lots of dates and details! Or you can send us an email at to get updates right in your inbox and maybe some goofy messages from yours truly – I do love writing goofy messages.

Live performances aren’t all we’ve been up to though. We recorded three singles together (you can find them on our music page) and we’re currently hammering and screeching away on our next one – a rather wild and slightly unhinged song some of you might have heard live called Baba Yaga. The eponymous slavic witch has been watching us all the while to make sure we do her justice so rest assured we’re giving it everything we’ve got! Our singles have gotten some air-play on CBC Radio, CHUO and CKCU so we know she’s expecting a fair bit from us with this one.

I guess that brings me to the gargantuan plans for this year…

With your help, dear reader, we are going to get some serious work done this spring and summer! First up, we are about to kick off a crowd-funding campaign for our debut record together. We’ll have some awesome perks for funders (and some amusingly bizarre ones) and could not be more excited about the songs we have ready to record. The more support we get the bigger and better the record will get. Are you ready to shed your helmet? Do you feel you will never have enough RVR lovin’? This is a heavy undertaking, so I hope you’re nodding your head.

Once the record is together Michel and I will throw you all a huge release party to say thanks. And make a music video to entertain you. And then get on the road to entertain even more of you! We like keeping busy and we love showing you a good time, so this year we aim to be busier and more wild than ever.

The war table here at Camp Von Rex is covered in maps, plans and ideas. With you on board I think 2014 will be a crazy killer year. Lets keep in touch, dear reader, and keep the music madness flowing and ever expanding – just like the universe.

Yours truly,


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